3. Bugfixes
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3.1 Writing in the C-3 Plus results dialog is not possible (from V6.4.8)
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Editing C-3 Plus results is possible again; the error from version 3.6.4 has been fixed.

Reference: RM#3798

3.2 Remove OCR line breaks  (V6.4.6)
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BCS-2 now automatically removes line breaks that occur when OCR runs are transferred to C-3 Plus results. So far, BCS-2 took over these to XML and JASON files, so that these formats were no longer valid. 

Reference: RM#3551

3.3 BCS-2 inverts images after scanning  (V6.4.6)
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If the functions “Toggle Deskew after Scan” and “Toggle Black Border Remove after Scan” were enabled, BCS-2 inverted the images after a BCS-2 restart. The bug is fixed.  

Reference: RM#3631

3.4 Keep current display type when navigating  (V6.4.6)
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Despite the setting ” The last selected view setting is retained even after navigating to the next image. “, BCS-2 resets the setting when moving to the next image. The bug is fixed, BCS-2 keeps the selected view setting.   

Reference: RM#2461

3.5 Multimasking and page splitting do not work correctly in the context of script events (V6.4.4)
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The error occurred when the page split was defined as a script event for the workflow and was performed before the next scan. The problem is resolved. The “Split page before next scan” function can now also be found in the scanner tab.

3.6 Split Line in the Post-processing of Scans (V6.4.0)
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When post-processing scans, BCS-2 does not apply the split lines to the next image. The bug is fixed with this version.

3.7 Mask Cannot Be Applied to Image (V6.4.0)
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When cropping very small images again, the mask is no longer usable. It jumps back and forth. This error has been fixed.