2. Features and Improvements
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2.1 Extension of the job page indices – and the “Read barcode” function  (V6.4.8)
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We have extended the job page indices. Barcode recognition has been extended to include the handling of page indices, i.e. users can now define a page index as a barcode. 

We have added a new menu item to the “Job menu” for assigning a barcode to a page index. It can now be read automatically for each image and transferred to the page index.  The barcode can therefore also be used to automatically separate images of a job (e.g. after scanning a stack of documents).      

Source: Feature #3849

2.2 Saving images as individual PDFs (V6.4.8)    
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We have extended the PDF creation function so that users can create multiple PDFs for one job via transfer target.

In the “PDF” tab in the configuration of the transfer targets, the user activates this function via a select box (“Create multiple PDFs”).   

If you activate this feature, the following selection is available:  

  • Use page index to define the individual PDFs (e.g. based on barcodes or chapters, so that one PDF is created per barcode or chapter).   
  • Create a new PDF for all “n” pages: This feature allows you to create a single PDF with up to 100 images. 
  • Source: Feature #3496

2.3 Translation of scanner settings  (V6.4.8) 
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The translation of scanner settings for Bookeye scanners is now available in Italian and again in German.  

Source: Feature #3787

2.4 Voice output   (V6.4.6)
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BCS-2 (now) contains a windows-based speech output. It reads out the functions of the application as well as OCR results. Configurable are pitch, speed and volume. 

Reference: RM#2293

2.5 Connection WideTEK44/48-600  (V6.4.6)
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At the customer’s request, Image Access’s WT 44/48-600 large format scanners were integrated into the BCS-2.

Reference: RM#3608

2.6 BCS-2 Upload to and download from MyBib eDoc via http(s).  (V6.4.6)
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By using HTTPS when downloading from and uploading to MyBib eDoc, we bypass file size limitations when transferring files between systems. Larger uploads are processed sequentially in multiple parts. 

Reference: RM#3616

2.7 Transfer of bookmarks and metadata to PDF files  (V6.4.6)
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PDF files and searchable PDFs created with Tesseract can be configured with indexes via the “Transfer Destinations” tab so that BCS-2 automatically transfers following metadata to the PDF file:  

  • Title  
  • Author  
  • Subject  
  • Keywords  
  • Application  

Note for ABBYY: For ABBYY, the following metadata can be used in the OCR engine of BCS-2:  

  •  Author (Content.Author)  
  • Creator (Content.Creator)  
  • Keywords (Content.Keywords)  
  • Subject (Content.Subject) 

Reference: RM#3463, RM#3574

2.8 “Search for” within a job  (V6.4.6)
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Using the shortcut “CTRL + F” it is possible to search for content within a job in BCS-2. This requires an OCR result. Found matches are marked yellow in BCS-2.

Reference: RM#2498 

2.9 Delete line breaks caused by copy and paste  (V6.4.6)
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BCS-2 automatically removes line breaks created by copying and pasting text into indexes, for example when copying and pasting data from a catalog. If the index is part of the file name or the storage path, included line breaks will result in the affected file not being saved. 

Reference: RM#3552

2.10 SFTP settings: Key authorization  (V6.4.6)
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Due to increasing IT security requirements, we have implemented authentication via key pairs for uploads and downloads in SFTP.  This allows SSH authentication to be configured in the transfer targets of the workflows via key pair. The procedure is currently one of the most secure and simplifies the logon to the SFTP server, since logon name and password no longer need to be kept.  

Reference: RM#3667

2.11 “Save as” functions  (V6.4.6)
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The “Save As” function was previously available in the “File” menu and the “Image” menu. The function in the “File” menu saved all images of a job, the one in the “Image” menu only the selected one. In the new version, both these functions are merged in the “File” menu:  

  • “Save as”: saves all images of a job.  
  • “Save current image as”: Saves the marked image.  

Reference: RM#1769

2.12 Full screen mode via short cut  (V6.4.6)
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BCS-2 activates or deactivates the full screen mode via “CTRL +K”. 

Reference: RM#3697

2.13 Endorser (V6.4.4)
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An endorser is now available as an additional module in BCS-2. With the help of the endorser, BCS-2 applies watermarks to the images. This is ideal for use e.g., for the CI/CD-compliant dispatch of BCS-2 orders, or also to point out the special features of an order. 

2.14 Use the Original File Name as a Name During File Transfer (V6.4.4)
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At a request of Kitodo users BCS-2 now offers the possibility to use the original file name as the destination file name in the transfer destinations. The transfer of the original file name is integrated user-friendly by clicking on a button. 

2.15 Additional Pre- and Post-Scanning Operations (V6.4.4)
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New features before scanning: 

  • Perform masking 
  • Multimask 
  • Perform page splitting 

New feature after scanning: 

  • Endorser (as an additional module for a fee): The endorser allows you to place watermarks on the images.

The new functions are available in the “Scan” tab.

2.16 New Submenu under “Help” for Additional Languages (V6.4.4)
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In the Help menu, BCS-2 now contains another menu item for additional languages. Currently Italian is available as an additional language. We are successively adding further languages. 

2.17 Additional Image Features (V6.4.4)
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BCS-2 now contains the following additional image functions under the menu item “further functions”: 

  • Unsharp masking 
  • Extract: Barcode 
  • Extract: Text Lines
  • Extract: Text Blocks
  • Optimize Image for OCR  
  • Filter Grayscale 
  • Find Page Foreground 
  • Clean Image Background
  • Find Bookfold
  • Remove ringbinder holes  
  • Extract Regions (only images) 
  • Extract Regions (images and text blocks) 
  • Otsu binariziation
  • Sauvola binariziation 

2.18 Transfer of Variables into the Editor, when Using the Code Examples (V6.4.4)
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When using the editor with code examples, BCS-2 accepts the selected variables in the correct notation with $ signs. 

2.19 Starting via scanner (V6.4.4)
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“Start at Scanner” is no longer available in the “Scanner” menu. This setting has been moved to the “Archive” tab under “General Management”. We no longer maintain this function since BCS-2 version 6.2. Instead, we recommend starting via BCS-2 or using a USB footswitch or ScanPad.

2.20 Tab Scan2Net (V6.4.0)
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BCS-2 Professional: The tab “Scan2Net” is renamed to “Archive” and is now the last of the existing tabs.

2.21 Toggle Thumbnail View (V6.4.0)
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For jobs with many images, it may take some time for all images to load. Therefore, it is possible to deactivate the thumbnails via the menu item “Switch thumbnail view”.  

2.22 Scanner Plug-ins and TWAIN (V6.4.0)
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  • Plug-ins for all TWAIN scanners and multifunction devices are now included.
  • Plug-ins for Bookeye-3, -4, -5 as well as A3, A2, A1 and WideTek 12/25
  • Plug-ins for Plustek, Canon EOS, etc.

2.23 BCS-2 Office (V6.4.0)
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BCS-2 Office now includes the following modules:

  • ImportSuite
  • PDFSuite for creating PDF/A
  • IndexSuite