2. Improvements/Features
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2.1 Assignment of a scan profile to a workflow  
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We have extended the functionality of the scan profiles. BCS-2 now has a scan profile management function. This allows existing scan profiles to be overwritten, blocked and assigned to a workflow.  


2.2 Colour settings for masks, tiles, split lines and gutters  
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The colour and transparency settings for masks, tiles and split lines are now configurable. The width of the split lines can also be adjusted.  

This is a further step towards accessibility when using BCS-2.  


2.3 Dynamic masks  
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For each workflow, it is possible to configure the behaviour when masks are transferred to the next image. New administration settings are now available for the corresponding workflows. For dynamic masks, BCS-2 adjusts the tiles in this case so that the tiles from the previous image are transferred to the next image, even if they were originally larger than the next image. For the workflows, the setting “When transferring selections: Adapt selections to changed geometry, if necessary, y/n” is available for the workflows.  


2.4 Saving the mask size for a job  
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BCS-2 now saves the current size of a dragged mask if an image was cut with it. When the mask is called up again, BCS-2 displays it in the last saved version.  


2.5 Additional information bar for the toolbar  
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A new element for displaying job information is available for the toolbar. The content is defined by the information template in the workflow, so you can display customized texts such as job indices.  


2.6 Extension of the page indices  
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The page indices are now extended so that BCS-2 automatically reads the associated barcodes per page and assigns them to a page index.  


2.7 Implementation of Tesseract 5.3  
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The current version of Tesseract 5.3 is now available and implemented for BCS-2.  

Download RM#3569 

2.8 Overlapping gutter – moving lines together  
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BCS-2 no longer moves overlapping collar webs individually, but also together if required.  


2.9 JPEG 2000 – Adjustments  
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For faster processing of images in JPEG2000 format, new procedures have been integrated so that BCS-2 distributes parallel processes for JPEG 2000 creation across several cores via threads. This considerably speeds up the creation of JPEG2000.  


2.10 QA window  
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For more convenient post-processing of images, BCS-2 now contains a QA window that displays the image currently open in the job in a separate window of variable size.  


2.11 Time delay for displaying split pages  
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Background: With small A4/A3 originals and/or < 300 DPI, BCS-2 is sometimes so fast in 64-bit mode on newer PCs that “intuitive” quality assurance is hardly possible.

To enable scan operators to perform quality assurance after page splitting, a configurable delay (in milliseconds) has now been implemented for the image display after splitting, which allows operators to inspect the result of the splitting. 


2.12 Reduce storage space  
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It is possible to dispense with the creation of backup files or thumbnails in order to save storage space. However, omitting the backup files means that changes to the image cannot be undone.  


2.13 Display preview images (Bookeye and WideTek-Scanner)   
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For selected scanners such as Bookeye or WideTek, which provide a preview from the scanner firmware, it is now possible to display the preview of the BCS-2 scans while the scans are being transferred. This enables initial quality assurance. BCS-2 displays defined masks or dividing lines in the preview.

The preview is generally advantageous for large originals (> A3) and/or high resolution (> 300 dpi) in order to utilise the transfer time for the complete scan productively.  

RM #4017

2.14 Position split line
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The dividing line can be positioned independently of the outer lines. The left and right outer lines can be moved without changing the position of the dividing line.

RM#4019 and RM#3922