1. Preface
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With the current release, we have optimised the following function blocks in addition to several smaller improvements:  

  • Masks, tiles and the virtual setting of masks, which BCS-2 executes automatically via batch processing.  
  • Installation of a preview for selected scanners  
  • Integration of Tesseract Version 5.3   
  • Integration of FI scanners (formerly Fujitsu, now Ricoh, see Ricoh fi series and SP series scanners | RICOH) via native 64-bit driver.  

We are thus implementing requirements from the mass digitization sector and from service providers who need to work particularly efficiently.

Release Date Version 6.6.11: 05/17/2024

Note on installation:  

 To ensure that the new environment is implemented correctly and completely when upgrading from BCS-2 V6.4 to V6.6, we recommend a new installation of BCS-2 with prior export of the BCS-2 configuration settings and subsequent import of these into the new BCS-2 environment.