5. Email Settings
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By clicking on the “E-mail settings” tab, you open the form for configuring the e-mails to be sent through the workflow. BCS-2 uses these settings when users activate the “E-mail” function via the menu “Send file > e-mail” or the corresponding icon.

Subject: Subject line of the email.  By using text and scripting variables, you define a predefined “subject” for each e-mail.  You can call up the default subject via the “Standard” button.

Body: Enter the message body for your emails here. Text and scripting variables can be used. The standard BCS-2 text “You will receive your PDF with $job.numPages$ pages as an attachment to this e-mail” can be accessed via the “Standard” button.

Sender/Recipient: Enter the recipient or sender here.

JPEG-Quality:   Set the quality of the images in the PDF (maximum 100, default value 75).

 By default, B/W scans are not converted to JPEG format when transferred to PDF files.

Maximum Size in MB (only Professional): Maximum allowed size for an attachment (maximum 100, default value 75).

Available Formats (only Professional): PDF/JPEG/TIFF/MTIFF/PNG:  By marking the checkboxes, you define in which file format BCS-2 sends the images. If more than one format is selected, the user decides which one he uses to attach his mail.