1. Workflows, Office settings
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BCS-2 workflows map clearly defined business processes and applications. These are set z. B. from the order data, the OCR, the meta and structure data as well as the transmission targets together, so that downstream third-party systems and applications can process the data directly.

Classic implementations are:

  • national, international and intra-campus document delivery
  • Catalogue enrichment
  • Collection and retrodigitization
  • Mass digitization
  • Assembly of digital presentation systems (MyBib eL/Kitodo/Goobi for digital collections)
  • Equipping digital course reserves

1.1 Workflow List
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Calling the “Workflows” tab in the “BCS-2 Professional Administrator” (Administration >> General Settings) or “Office Settings” in “BCS-2 Office” opens the list of currently usable workflows. Here you create and edit workflows for different processing sequences and import or export workflows from or to other BCS-2 stations. The last workflow selected in the application is highlighted in green.

Workflows – BCS-2 Administrator

“Administrator” and “Configurator” differ here like their basic applications in terms of functionality:

New… (only Professional): Creates a new workflow.

Edit…: To edit a workflow, first select it in the list view, and then click Edit. You can also open the Workflow Configuration window by double-clicking on a workflow.

Clone… (only Professional): BCS-2 creates a copy of the selected workflow and opens it for editing.

Import: BCS-2 imports an existing workflow.

Export (only Professional): BCS-2 exports the selected workflow to other BCS-2 Professional or Office stations.

1.2 Basic Settings
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When the “Basic” tab is called e. g. by editing an existing workflow or creating a new one, BCS-2 shows the navigation, display, selection and deletion options for the jobs in addition to the general settings of the workflow.

BCS-2 Administrator

Basic Settings

Abbreviation: Abbreviation of the workflow name.

Name: Name of the Workflow.

Description: Description of the Workflow.

Author: Author of the Workflow.

Information-Template: Specifies what job information BCS-2 displays in the Information column of the job list.

Presentation and Navigation

Presentation: allow two images side by side: Displays two consecutive images side-by-side for all jobs in this workflow after opening, one in the preview bar and one in the viewer.

additional Overview: show tree representation beneath thumbnails (only Professional): Splits the thumbnail bar into two parts. BCS-2 displays the thumbnails at the top and the tree structure of the images at the bottom.

On Job Create: automatically create first structure level on job create: BCS-2 automatically creates and displays the first structure node.

On Job Transfer: ask the user before job transfer: BCS-2 automatically applies masks, areas, and split lines to the next image when scanning or importing.

Navigation: always try to keep current image scale when navigation through the job:
The last selected view setting is retained even after navigating to the next image.

On Insert: clone selections of the previous image when inserting a new image into the job: BCS-2 automatically adopts masks, areas, and split lines for the next image.

When closing selections: adjust the selections of the previous image, if they do not fit: BCS-2 adjusts the tiles so that the tiles from the previous image are transferred to the following image, even if it was originally larger than the subsequent image.

On Split/Crop: advance to the next image after splitting or cropping: BCS-2 automatically calls the following image for editing after page splitting or masking.

On Crop/Multi-Crop: clone selektions when performing crop or multi-crop operation: BCS-2 inherits the split lines, masks, and areas set for the current image for the following image.

Multi-Cropping: Pressing ENTER will perform multi-crop Operation when more than one Selection exists: BCS-2 uses the “Areas” function to insert marked image areas into the job as a new image by pressing the Enter key.

Deletion of Jobs

Delete after Transfer: Deletes jobs either after the successful transfer or after the expiration time defined in days in the field below.

Scan Profiles

Saved scan profiles: Use the drop-down menu to assign an existing scan profile to a workflow.