3. C-3 Plus Rule
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BCS-2 Administrator, C-3 Plus Rule Settings

The rule is the core element of C-3 Plus. A rule is created by analyzing the corresponding table of content. It provides the basis for all C-3 Plus components. A rule, usually, is saved locally or needs to be written from scratch. Rules also can be imported and exported in or out of BCS-2.

The multi-match rule releases the match-function for all C-3 Plus objects related to it. Therefore, the result represents the final result for that document.

A rule applies to the defined area comprising the text components marked by the table of content. An area that is not sorted as a table can comprise several entries in the table of content. With the multi-matching function activated the rule is applied as often as possible in each area. Thus, several texts within one area can be searched.

This does not work if the sort mode Sort Column wise is active.


  • Multi-Match: More than one entry can be found in a selected area (on/off)
  • Pre-defined Authors: Additional list of Authors, which will be added to all entries