2. Sort Text
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For each rule you have to preselect the OCR sort mode. There are three possibilities:

  1. Not sorted – The word order remains as it ist and is accepted by the OCR
  2. Sort Top Down, Left to Right – Programme runs through the word order from left to right
  3. Sort Column wise – Programme runs from column to column

Contrary to the first two sort modes Sort Column wise does not work with the word order of the OCR result. Therefore, you have to define the text areas more precisely.

First you have to define the columns. The progamme tries to identify white, vertical columns between text parts which are sufficiently wide in millimetres. The default is 10 mm but you can change and adjust it. This area defines the different colums. After recognising the text columns from left to right, the programme runs through each text from left to right.

For good results it is necessary to mark each column by a corresponding entry in the table of content. So, the programme can recognise the beginning and the end of one column and, thus, knows when to switch to the next column.

In this mode it is not possible to use multi-matching.