4. Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
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Icon Keyboard-Shortcut Menu Description
 O OCR for current page Run OCR
 – OCR attribute settings for current page OCR settings for current page
OCR attribute for current job OCR settings for current job
Using operation on current job Run OCR

4.1 OCR Language
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For a good OCR result it is important to select the correct OCR language.

Are most of the table of contents in the same languages it is useful to set those languages in set global OCR attributes …  

 Don’t use to many languages simultaneously to get a good OCR result. 

There are two ways to set the OCR languages

  • OCR language settings in the index.
  • OCR setting button for OCR of one single page or a whole job.

4.2 Run OCR
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The OCR can be run over all pages of a job or only on a current one.

Run OCR for a single page. Use this button or press shortcut: O

The operation button allows to run OCR over all pages of one job.


BCS-2 Professional users are able to use the operation button also on more jobs in the job index interface.