6. Work with the Freeform Editor
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Editor Button Keyboard Short Cut Description
Fetch all Transfer single selected areas into Freeform Editor
Special Characters STRG-S Open Special Characters Editor
Mark as TOC STRG+ I or STRG+1 Mark text as table of content entry
Mark as Title STRG-T or STRG+3 Mark text as title
Mark as Subtitle STRG+SHIFT+T Mark text as subtitle
Mark as Authors STRG-U or STRG+2 Mark text as author
Mark as Page STRG-P or STRG+4 Mark text as page number
Mark as Abstract Mark text as abstract
Save Save progress
Settings Settings for the automatic C-3 Plus Engine in the Freeform Editor
Extract Extract all defined information into C-3 Plus Editor.

6.1 Functions
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After using the button ‘fetch all’ the information of the selected areas are already tagged as TOC. Now you have to mark and tag all categories (author, title, page …).

Before leaving the freeform editor don’t forget to save your work, if you want to work with those information later.

6.2 Tagging
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To define text by tagging it you have to mark text with your mouse by clicking over it or with your keyboard and your mouse by pressing SHIFT on the keyboard and clicking from the beginning until the end of the text. After that you have to press the right category (author, title, page …) with the button. After that the text is tagged.

6.3 Save, Settings and Extract
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After all entries are tagged save your progress with the saving button. If you have special stop-words or need separators for your authors click on the setting buttons and change settings.
If everything is fine you can extract your results. Click the extract button, leave the freeform editor by clicking the freeform button again and work on your results in the C-3 editor.