8. C-3 Plus Editor
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Icon Menu Description
Edit C3 Results for current page Work on the result of the current page
Edit C3 Results for all pages Work on the C3 results of all pages
Delete this TOC-Item Delete TOC entry
Append new TOC-Item after this TOC-Item Add TOC entry

8.1 Work on TOC-Items
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The following functions can be used to work on a TOC-item:

8.1.1 Set Languages

Language in the first item defines the languages in the other items of this page one time. All language settings of the items can be changed separately.

8.1.2 Check the results

Check the results by compare the image with the C3 Plus results.

8.1.3 Special Chart

Add signs from the special chart.

8.1.4 Work on the authors and search for authority files (e.g. GND)

To search and add authority files please click on the associated button. For example the GND button. Choose the correct author and klick on the OK button to confirm.

8.1.5 Add or delete TOC-Items


8.1.6 Sort by pagenumber

8.1.7 Compute pagenumbers

8.2 Save results
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If everything is fine please press the button ‘Save’. Now you have the opportunity to change to the next page or close the job.