3. Import or scan images and image editing
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STRG+S Scan Scan
Rescan Rescan, the actual image will be replaced
Toggle masking Draw a mask, cut out content
Toggle split-mask Draw a split mas, cut out content and parte in two halves
F7 Deskew Image deskew automatically
STRG+F7 Manual Deskew Image deskew manually
Despeckle Delet dots automatically
Toggle Eraser Inner All inside the drawn area will be deleted
F4 Remove Black Border Delete black edges
Enter Confirm Confirm editing process

3.1 Import Images
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Images can be uploaded with Drag & Drop or by using the button past from file.

3.2 Scan Image
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Before the first scan it is necessary to select colour depth and resolution (e.g. black/white, 300dpi). This is not necessary if a scan profile is deposited. After that a image can be scanned by clicking on the scan button

If the image is in colour it is recommended to scan in colour not in black/white mode. The program is able to use colour images or if it is required you can use the contrast settings to reedit it to black and white.

3.3 Editing Images
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Even though an image won’t transfer at it is recommended to edit your image and support the OCR engine that way. The following features are only a little amount but the most used functions to editing an image.

The toggle mask or the toggle split-mask can be used to cut out areas or cut black borders. If you scan double pages split-masking is very useful and effective. You can draw an area with the courser and confirm with ENTER or the action button.

Automatical and manual deskew is very usefull to correct the position of an image. It can help the OCR to recognise the words correctly. The manual deskew is used by clicking first on the button then into the image, hold the left mouse button and change the degree scale.

Despeckle function allows to delet spots automatically if the program recognise them as spots.

Toggle Eraser Inner allows to delet selected areas. First click on this button then draw an area.

Confirm Button: After the whole editing process it is necessary to confirm and save it. After that the new image becomes the main/original image, which is basis for the OCR.