1. Introduction
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For the different BCS-2 applications, different toolbar configurations for different workflows or users can be compiled in the General Administration/Toolbar of BCS-2 Professional (Administrator).


Before starting work, the user can select the toolbar optimized for his work, so that only the functions he needs are displayed in the BCS-2 application.


The toolbar configurations, which have been specially adapted for the workflow or user, further simplify the processing of jobs by providing a clear, tidy interface layout. There is no need to search for function icons, as no additional unnecessary functions distract.


In the following chapters possible toolbar elements for a toolbar configuration are introduced to simplify the selection of functions and the compilation for the user and administrator.


It concerns here only suggestions for the Toolbar elements, the order of the elements and position on the surface (above/down(right/left) as well as icon size is decided in arrangement with the user for each Workflow/user and configured accordingly.


Since the list of toolbars and thus the arrangement of the elements in the configuration is arranged alphabet-ically, the toolbars should be numbered so that they are arranged directly in the correct order in the configuration.