2. Voice Output of OCR Text
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OCR texts can be read out by BCS-2.

Voice output is possible in the following places:

  • Zoned OCR in the clipboard: press CTRL while dragging with the mouse, then the text is read out
  • OCR Editor (OCR Results dialog): Here is a button that opens the Text-To-Speech dialog
  • OCR-Editor (faded in): Here is a corresponding button that opens the Text-To-Speech dialog

In the open Text-To-Speech dialog, the language can then also be changed, provided it has been installed in the respective Windows system.

Furthermore, the text can also be changed, i.e. in the open Text-To-Speech-Dialogue you can insert any text via copy and paste, e.g. to read out texts in other languages.

In Germany the languages English and German are installed by default.