Release date: 23.10.2018

2.1 Viewer
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  • In addition to the previous search, a faceted search is now available.
  • We adapt the displaying and printing of documents to the new copyright law. (As of 03/2018, a new copyright law will come into force, according to which the displaying and printing of document parts is only permitted under certain conditions. The viewer has been adapted to these new aspects of copyright law).
  • The language switching now also includes all Gui elements (graphical unit interface).
  • You have the option of a complete display of all metadata in the document view.
  • Text links in the logo area (previously only images with links could be stored)
  • Corrected special character display in the document view
  • Free-standing cover page in thumbnail view (can be configured so that the first page in the two-column thumbnail area of a document stands alone; corresponding to the cover displayed alone in the two-page document view)
  • Now, you get a direct display of search hits (search hits in the Java Viewer are now displayed directly when opening a hit in the document).
  • Improved scrolling behavior allows you a faster movement in the  document.
  • In addition to using the Viewer completely with or without login, you have no the possibility to login or logout at any time using the the Viewer. Thus, you can always see the desired content (documents etc.) corresponding to your authorization (hybrid operation).

2.2 Admin/Administration
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  • A configuration wizard helps you to set the correct data types for the print limitation.
  • You can now specify permitted characters for the regular print that may occur in the media number. The default is a to z and 0 to 9.
  • A configurable schema for the document date format allows you to specify an accepted import and display date format for a document. This allows you to sort document stocks with the same date format.
  • Configurable backup contents now allow you to select special areas for a backup.

2.3 Admin/Server
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  • An extended event logging now comprises all basic actions in the Admin Tool, e.g. workstation group changes.
  • Rest:
    • Separation of thumbnail and page image delivery into separate methods for both cases
    • Image sizes configurable for both methods via admin tool, no longer controllable via parameter sellection (prevention of misuse)
  • Server: Extension MyBib eDoc document format
    • OCR import, export and backup for MyBib eDoc document format
    • User import from eDoc documents can be activated/deactivated by configuration
    • Expiration date for users imported from WorldShare documents
  • Server: Overwriting documents: Overwriting of documents existing in eL is possible with the corresponding configuration (check-in without prior check-out)

2.4 Architecture/IT
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  • All modules: UTF-8
  • Complete change to UTF-8 (internal and runtime environment)
    • Documents with a different character set can still be read, provided that the header is specified correctly
  • Renaming Browser to Viewer
    • Change was also corrected in all RNs up to here
    • Complete renaming also in URLs, source code etc.