Release date: December 12, 2019

1.1 Background
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The reason for the development was in particular a change in Java technology and in the licence conditions.

1.2 Viewer
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Version 11 Java was delivered by Oracle without the feature “Java Web Start”. Before that you could start Java Web by starting the viewer automatically with a clicking on a URL (document link), and without a separate installation. But lacking this possibility, we have made the decision of developing an installable software version 3.0.

1.3 Server
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Oracle changed the licence conditions for Java at the beginning of 2019 in a way that a free use could no longer be guaranteed. The last licence-free version was Java 8 Update 202 in January 2019. Although you can technically operate your system with the old version, security updates in the data centers require the latest version. For this reason, Oracle Java was replaced by AdoptOpenJDK, a free alternative to Oracle JDK, which is supported by major manufacturers such as IBM, Microsoft and whose support has been guaranteed for the next 5 years. For companies using Amazon Cloud, the implementation of MyBib eL for Amazon’s own OpenJDK Corretto is available.

1.4 Architecture/Internal
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  • All modules: Java 11
    • Switch to AdoptOpenJDK 11(LTS)
  • Viewer/Admin: Installer
    • Switch to installation

1.5 Admin/Administration
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  • Configurable backup: You can select in detail how to do the data storage by choosing various backup functions (users, groups, workstations, counters, application configuration, events).
  • Configurable overwriting document import: You can overwrite already existing documents with various options as f.e. with or without overwriting folders, owners, countings or permissions.
  • Delete event logs: You can delete event logs manually or automatically by specifying a certain time period, using the admin tool or a toolkit (reason: GDPR).
  • Pagination of the document list: You can flip through the admin tool document list faster by skipping pages.
  • Filter of the document list: You can filter the document list by choosing between certain document metadata as a display criterion.
  • Importable container data: When importing documents, the whole content of the document directory is now automatically saved. Therefore, even unimported data can be saved out again.

1.2 Viewer
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  • Configurable metadata display: A button Show metadata can now be activated in the document display, which displays a metadata list of the document with configurable contents.
  • Configurable search metadata and/or text: In the Viewer’s simple search, you can now select whether to search in the metadata of the documents, in the OCR data, or in both.

1.7 Viewer/Admin
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  • Configurable display according to §60, 4 UrhG (Copyright Act)

1.8 Discontinuation
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  • Support for version V2.4 and all previous versions ends on March 30, 2020.

1.9 Notes
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  • Reading rooms up to and including version 2.4 require a Java installation containing Java Web Start.
  • If you are using an appropriate reading room, please do not update your Java installation.
  • If you are already using Java without Java Web Start, please install Oracle Java 10 (recommended: Oracle Java 9) to continue using the reading room 2.4.

If you have any questions regarding these instructions, please contact