7. Scanner Connection
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7.1 Supported Scanners
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With the release of version 6.4, the most common scanner plugins are included in BCS-2. The plugins are provided “as it” and are not subject to bug fixing or support. They contain functions that are usually only available via scanner APIs, SDKs and DLLs and integrate them into the BCS-2 interface.

Due to the variety of scanner types, models and interfaces as well as firmware versions, we cannot make any general promises regarding the properties and functions of the plug-ins. On request, we therefore provide each customer with a current BCS-2 Office test license with which you can test and evaluate our software in your individual environment. 

Included plugins:

In maintenance, reference device for new versions is currently the Bookeye-5 A2. 

  • BCS-2 Plugin for Bookeye 5 V2 (32/64bit) 

Without maintenance, care and support

  • BCS-2 Plugin for Plustek OpticBook PT4800 – A4 (32/64bit) 
  • BCS-2 Plugin for Plustek OpticBook A300 – A3 (32-bit) 
  • BCS-2 Plugin for Canon EOS 550/650/70D (32/64bit) 
  • BCS-2 Plugin (32/64bit) for Bookeye 2 A2 
  • BCS-2 Plugin for Bookeye 3 A2 (32/64bit)  
  • BCS-2 Plugin for Bookeye 3 A1 (32/64bit) 
  • BCS-2 Plugin for Bookeye 4 V3 (32/64bit) 
  • BCS-2 Plugin for Bookeye 4 V2 (32/64bit)  
  • BCS-2 Plugin for Bookeye 4 SemiAutomatic (32/64bit) 
  • BCS-2 Plugin for Bookeye 4 V1 (32/64bit)  
  • BCS-2 Plugin for Widetek WT12 (32/64bit)  
  • BCS-2 Plugin for Widetek WT25 (32/64bit) 
  • BCS-2 Plug-in für Widetek WT44 (32/64bit) 
  • BCS-2 Plugin for Microbox/book2net Single camera systems (K71/SDK/V1.33, 32/64bit))  
  • BCS-2 Plugin (32bit) for Konica/Minolta Mikrofilmscanner MS6000/MS7000 with USB port1
  • BV6-OP-TWA01: Connection scanner/multifunction devices via TWAIN (32bit)* 
 *All devices shipped with a certified TWAIN driver are compatible with BCS-2 Office and Professional.
For TWAIN drivers and utilities of the respective manufacturers we do not assume any warranty and do not provide any support!

7.2 Scanner Operation with USB Hand and Foot Switches
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Scanning with a foot switch or hand switch with keyboard is recommended for ergonomic reasons.

To do this, equip your PC with a programmable USB foot switch or hand switch. These are available from your sales partner or from retailers in different versions. Each pedal and key can be linked to a shortcut, see keyboard shortcuts.  

E.g. footswitch with a pedal => CTRL+”S” for scanning  

You can make the appropriate adjustments using the program supplied with the foot switch, or your BCS-2 sales partner or seller will set it up directly with the delivery.  

This results in the following advantages:

  • Stable solution independent of scanner drivers and changes to the software or firmware of the scanner
  • Foot and hand switches are scanner and model independent, i.e. scanners from different manufacturers can be operated with them.   
  • With the multi-scanner support provided by BCS-2, you use one foot switch for several connected scanners.

If several different functions such as page splitting, masking, OCR are to be carried out with one click with or after scanning, we recommend connecting a keyboard.

Like footswitches, keyboards are connected to the PC via USB. Each key can be assigned commands according to transaction codes or keyboard shortcuts.

  The above suggestions and examples were created by Heindl Bürotechnik.  For further advice on layout and upholstery, please contact your BCS-2 sales and support partner or Heindl Bürotechnik directly.