6. Select table of content areas
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Icon Short cut Menu Description

Detect ToC Items Mark table of content entries and offer areas automatically
STRG+T Toggle Multi-Selection Turn on: select more areas manually
STRG+SHIFT+ T Delete Areas Delete all areas
Press Button, hold  SHIFT+ click with left mouse button Delete Tile on Click Delete one single are by clicking
Press Button, hold  SHIFT+ click with left mouse button Bring two areas together by clicking

6.1 Select Single Areas
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The functions to select single areas are very useful. These are the advantages:

  • After running the OCR engine the OCR data will be transferred into the C-3 Plus dialog. The entries will be take over in the chosen order of the selected areas.
  • The images will be shown separately in the C-3 Plus dialog.

6.1.1 Select areas automatically

With this button you are able to select entries automatically. With the number field it is possible to set the area width.

6.1.2 Select areas manually

With this button you are able to draw areas manually in your selected order.

Remind your selected area order will be the order in the C-3 Plus Editor, too.

Please draw the areas big enough that C-3 Plus is able to take all information clean.

6.2 Select Areas for Multimatching
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If you want to use the multimatching function it is only necessary to draw one area over the text you wanna use a template for.

Therefor you can use the button ‘Toggle Multi-Selection’