5. Template
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Normaly templates are either deposited automatically in the workflow settings or can be choose individualy from a drop-down list. If a template doesn’t exist a new rule can be created for example by copying an old template and ajust it or by creating a whole new one with the building blocks.

5.1 Automatical Template Allocation
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It is possible to deposite an ID number in a workflow. Every time the ID is chosen a specific rule appears automatically after filling up the meta data after creating a new rule. So you can draw areas immediately and use the rule.

Doesn’t exist such a template it can be easily created. Clone the current rule and deposite the wished ID.


5.2 Choose a Template
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After loading and editing the image and running the OCR you can choose a template out of the drop-down list. The templates are notated in the C-3 Plus short notation and can be learned very easily.

You are also able to create your own template systematic or choose you any names for your rules and deposite a description for it:

5.3 Create a new Template
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If there is no correct template you have to create a new one. Therefore you can find the information in the basic manuals or in the Guide: Create a new rule.

5.4 Use C-3 Plus FreeformSuite
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If the layout of a table of content doesn’t allow to use a template it is recommended to choose into the C-3 Plus FreeformSuite and work on with it.