2. ICC-Profil Functions
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2.1 ICC Functions in current Job
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The “Image” tab contains the following functions for handling ICC profiles:

  • Append ICC profile
  • Remove ICC profile
  • Remove and save ICC profile

These functions always refer to the images marked in the current job. With “Append ICC Profile” you can navigate to an existing ICC file in the opening Navigation Browser and attach it to the selected image by double clicking on it. The “Remove ICC Profile” function removes and discards an attached ICC profile. If the file should be available later, select the “Remove and save ICC profile” function and specify the location of the file in the opening navigation browser.

You can check whether an ICC profile is attached to an image by using the function “Image Information”.

2.2 ICC Functions in Batch
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You can attach or detach ICC profiles for specific pages both in the currently open job and from the job list using the “Job: Perform operations on the job” or “Batch operations” function:

First select the desired operation from the drop-down menu at the top, and from the drop-down menu below determine the pages on which the desired operation should be performed:

If you have selected the operation of attaching a file, the file browser will open when you confirm the selected operation by clicking the “Apply” button to select the profile file to be attached to the desired pages.