2. Information Bar
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Each toolbar configuration should contain a progress bar so that longer lasting operations can be visually tracked.

For workflows of the type MyBib eDoc or Medea the corresponding information bar must always be deposited in the toolbar, otherwise the user has no chance to recognize in which order he is and which actions are carried out during the transmission of orders.
Toolbar-Element Toolbar Name
000001 000001 INFORMATION – OCR OCR Displays the active OCR engine and, in the case of ABBYY, the available ABBYY clicks.
000002 000002 INFORMATION – PROGRESS The progress bar shows the progress of a current action (e.g. transfer, OCR run).


000003 000003 INFORMATION – JOB STATUS PANEL Displays the job number, associated workflow, job size, and the size of the current image.
000004 000004 INFORMATION – MYBIB Displays the active MyBib system and the MyBib order number of the current job.  In the Mouse Over dialog all data of the system and the order can be displayed.
000005 000005 INFORMATION – MEDEA Displays the active Medea system and the Medea order number of the current job.